2018 Campmeeting

Our 40th year of Campmeeting! 

Friday night Campmeeting began with Group Trip from Dublin, Virginia leading worship. Pastor Johnathan Overstreet shared a great message from Proverbs 3:5-10 and many people experienced the power of the Lord. Volunteers provided a great barbeque, pizza, and hotdog supper, and the youth and counselors stayed the night in the campmeeting pavilion. God moved at the 40th Annual Campmeeting!

Campmeeting Prepares for 40 More!

This year the Robert Sheffey Memorial Campmeeting celebrated its 40th year at the current location July 6-11. The Sheffey Campmeeting is a revision of the old Wabash Campmeeting which dates to the earliest of Methodism in Holston Conference. 

The meeting began with a youth emphasis on Friday and Saturday, similar to a mini-Resurrection. A local contemporary band, "The Group Trio," led worship with speakers geared to young people's needs. Youth participated in an overnight "Extreme Survivor" retreat on Friday through midday Saturday. Attendance was 130 on Friday night and 145 on Saturday, with 55 youth spending the night. 

On Sunday night, the "Church Sisters" presented a concert and led worship. The Rev. Kim Goddard preached the sermon. Attendance was more than 325.  

On Monday night, the "Giles County Community Singers" shared a concert. On Tuesday, "The Farleys" led in worship. Robert Sheffey (also known as Charlie Henderson) shared his memories from early campmeeting days.